Dogs in Need of a Good Home

"Until you have loved an animal, part of your soul will have remained dormant."
- Anatole France

Good Owners Wanted

There are so many dogs that need good homes. We encourage people who are looking for a dog to consider animal welfare and rescue societies. We also sometimes come accross dogs in need of a new home, perhaps because their owner is moving or can no longer look after the pet.

Here are 4 dogs that we think will make a wonderful addition to anyone's life. Click on the link to get additional detail about the dog.

All four dogs Judge Sally Daphne&David Tommy

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to add joy to your life by taking on one of these dogs.

German Shepherd

Judge, the German Shepherd

Judge is a four year old German Shepherd neutered male. His owner is immigrating to Australia and needs to find a new home for him as soon as possible. He is very well trained, obedient and excellent gaurd dog. Judge needs an owner who make time to exercise him and who has a big property.


Sally, the Spaniel Puppy

Sally is a georgeous 5-month old golden cocker spaniel female. Unfortunately she was bought as a birthday present for someone's girlfriend - but the girlfriend was not quite as pleased with the present. Dogs are not toys! The decision to own the a dog should never be made just because the puppy is so cute. It is a long-term commitment that comes with real responsibilities. Spaniels are affectionate, active dogs and consider themselves as part of the family. Sally will need a lot of love and attention - and patience during the puppy-rearing stage.


Daphne and David, the Dachshund Duo

Daphne and David are two dachshunds that have been the constant companions of an elderly lady for the past 8 years. Unfortunately their owner is too old to live on her own, and is moving into a retirement home that does not allow pets. She is devasted at being parted from her dogs and very anxious that she will not be able to ind them a good home.

David and Daphne need a quiet home - preferrable with a retired person or someone who does not have children. They can not be seperated. At 8 years they are no longer active dogs and will be quiet, gentle companions with few requirements.


Tommy, the Mixed-Breed Terrier

Tommy is a mixed-breed terrier. One of our clients rescued him after he was found alone and starving in a warehouse. he is probably only two years old but is in excellent health and has recently had his innoculations and been neutered.

Tommy has a sweet, gentle disposition, and quickly made friends with the rest of his rescuer's cats and dogs. Unfortunately our client doesn't really have space for another pet, and asked us to find another home for Tommy.