My JavaScript Test Web Page

By clicking on the document.write button you will execute document.write() and if this is done after an HTML document is loaded, it will delete all existing HTML!

Display Date and Time

What Can JavaScript Do?

JavaScript can change HTML content. In this case JavaScript will append text to an existing piece of text.

JavaScript is ...

JavaScript can change HTML attribute values. In this case JavaScript changes the value of the src (source) attribute of an image.

JavaScript can show or hide HTML elements.

JavaScript in Body / Header / External script file

JavaScript can change the style of an HTML element.

Hide a ball if it is clicked!

Input text to be changed

This is some text

Five finger game

If the computer had a left hand then how many fingers is it holding up?

In the text box below please capture the number of fingers you have holding up and press the "Guess" button. The computer will then guess how many there were.

Another example to allow the computer to guess how many fingers you have up using functions.

Display content of an array

Date & Time

Click the button to display the various formats of date and time.

Reaction tester

Check your reaction time by clicking on the shape that appears below.
Time taken is :

Activate debugging with F12 and then select Console in the debugger menu.